177 2013| Practice 2 or what a week

Oh…Gosh… sitting here with my breakfast (Toast) and a cup of coffee and feeling completly muddle-headed.

That had been a week!

All the time such a week and I would screw up, i tell you…

The disaster allready started on Monday when Al came over with several bootles of wine. Of course I went too late to bed.
Then on Tuesday: I had an aweful exhausting day in the office, because the deadline for another offical request for quotation was on this day. The last day of an offical request for quotation always is the one, which really is the most nerve-stretching at all, because I check then everything over, if I did not forget a thing, if all questions are answered in a proper way, if no information might be missing and so on. Short before the deadline runs out I am a complete nervous wreck. When the bundled informations as well as the request is send out, I am always feeliing like I am close to a burn-out.
On Wednesday for some reason I did not manage to go to bed early, also this was the original plan. Because I had to get up very early on Thursday.
This was because of the event my company did organize for Thursday. Good thing time passes quickly at that day. But it was again a very long day. I got home and in bed at 1 am in the morning.
And of course I had been taken my seat in my chair in the office again at 8 am on Friday.
And the worst thing had been, that our Boss did set up a three-hours-meeting for friday!
How can he do that!
A three-hours-meeting after we did manage to get over this event on the day before! Come-on… isn’t that quite mean?
Of course the time schedule of the meeting had been overrunned and I ended to be at home at 7 pm! Grrrgrrrr…. isn’t that annoying? Long-hours on a Friday… damn! I am not amused!

I was so worn out! You can not imagine!

But there was something inside of me, telling me: „Hey Lady, it is Friday evening. This damn week is over! You went through it. You can now not just go directly on your couch and that was it! Grant yourself a little bit of variety.“
O.K. I was listening to my inner voice. But this voice must have been spoken up from my inner-child or something like that. For sure not from a responsible grown-up.
Becaue I picked-up the phone and called Öko-Gise. And one hour later we did sit at the barcounter of the Irish-Pub and drank Cider.
I recognized some nice and awesome men in the Irish. But I was to muddle-headed to get into a hot flirt. The next time 🙂
It got late again. And at 2 pm I finally found my pillow in my bed.
The tit-for-tat response came yesterday over me! I was so dead, you can not imagine! I got up on 10 am, had been totally out of it, I did not get anything done!
Two hours later, at noon, I went to bed again! And took a nap.
I did not do my grocery shooping… I didn’t even leave the house. I just had been not my usual self at this saturday. I didn’t even wash my face. I didn’t do anything! (Oh, that is not completly the tuth: I did post a blog-title… the one describing my sight of the glow-worms.)
Also I went to bed at 10 pm yesterday. Which is quiet early compared to the rest evenings of the past week.

Today I fell a little bit better. But I also have the feeling, that two days of weekend are not enough for me this time.
Today I want to participate to the elections for the Bundestag.
I take this as a chance to also take a long walk.
And I want to prepare the request of my health insurance and send them all the papers they want from me for more than 1,5 years (they want to make insurance cards with the picture of the insured person – and I did not take pictures of me until last saturday).

Oh… and Öko-Gise did really forget to bring the pictures of me on Friday. I almost killed her! I never get registrated on one of the Online-Dating-Portals… Damn!

Supplementary Claim:
OMG! How exciting! I just recognized that my blog is celebrating a birthday today! I got 800 posts by now! So let’s celebrate and be happy! When I started my blog I never ever thought, that I am gonna to write for such a long term! And here I go: Three years of life all posted in a public blog! Amazing!

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