175 2013| Wenig Zeit… morgen langer Tag

Just a short but a cheerful greet to the world outside.

Tomorrow is an important day for my company.
We do have a in-house Round-Table with more than 200 participants.
Why am I writing in English?
Well, today I just got the message, that I need to support our CEO at a customers sight. We need to present our product in English, because it is an international corporate group.
So I do allready my exercises. 🙂
Yes, I know – it might annoy…. but I don’t care 🙂
This is MY BLOG! (Ätschibätsch… don’t know how to express myself concerning this in English – so here German is allowed *smile*)

But first: Let me get over the day tomorrow.
It might happen, that I even get a speaker slot. Because the assistant of the product management should present a future sight on our product. She allready started on Monday to get that nervous, that her skin showed some allergic diseases. At the life test of the presentation slots yesterday she got a nervous break-down. Today she became sick an stayed at home.
So they had the idea that I might present our future sight. (Yeah… you are all so funny!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!)
Fuck-off – I just saw the presentation once.
But well… Shit happens…
Life is a bitch and it fucks you up.
At least sometimes 🙂
But mostly life is friendly and in a positive way very excisting.
At least this is, what my feelings are right now about it, when I take a deep look inside of myself.

Oh… when it comes up to positive feelings in life:
Öko-Gise still did not show up with the pictures of me for the dating-portal.
Gosh… if she takes some time longer, then I have to send a firm reminder towards her direction!
I would like to sign on this weekend, and I need the pictures for that. Otherwhiles I really need to upload my biometric passport-pictures.
But that would not improve my own Marketing-rate in the dating-portal.

However: I am gonna report more those days. But now I have to rescue my excited soul in a very nice dream.


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